Animation film

Pronta is an animation film realised for my gradution at Kingston School of Art London.

The central themes of the film are family, love and loss.
Specifically I was interested in telling the story of my grandmother, of her life after the death of my grandfather through her homemade pasta.

Food represents a way to talk about more delicate issues and bring them within everyone’s reach. Her homemade pasta represents in my animation almost a process of acceptance of death, a ritual, which brings all those who experience death to the same table and stay united in difficulties.


When I think of my grandmother I think of her homemade pasta and the time spent
between the kitchen and the dining table.

Eating has always been an imperative when we would go to her place.

That pasta is something magical, wherever you eat it, it takes you home.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the process.
Each ingredient is responsible for flavor and success.
Each ingredient is essential for making the perfect recipe.

However, what is needed is not always there and therefore it is up to those who remain
to do everything to stay together.

My grandmother learned how to make pasta by trying and making mistakes
to make the recipe her own, unique and personal.

In her life, my grandfather is been the missing ingredient.

I have never known him but his figure has always been present.

From her I learned resilience,
that resilience that makes you find yourself together, despite everything.